The Political Budget Course (KURPOLA): From Outstanding Initiatives into Action


Perkumpulan Inisiatif (PI)

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Basic Project Information

PI implemented a political budget “course” to increase citizen awareness of and engagement in the public budget process, including the use of a Citizen Report Card and Social Audit to increase citizen participation in the planning and implementation of a major social program.



Problem Type

Project Summary


  • Strengthen citizen (and particularly youth) awareness of planning, implementation, and monitoring processes for school block grant budget allocations
  • Introduce methods for citizens to evaluate government program effectiveness and advocate for improvements


Perkumpulan Inisiatif led a course to increase citizen engagement in the planning for, and implementation and monitoring of the School Operational Assistance Program (BOS). The budget course included working with Masyarakat Peduli Anggaran Garut (MAPAG) to educate youth about the objectives and implementation process of the BOS, inform citizens’ of their rights and entitlements, as well as conduct field work with budget course participants and local community representatives to identify expectations and issues with BOS implementation and advocate for improvements. The course also included training on Citizen Report Card (CRC) and Social Audit methodologies, before using those approaches. The CRC and Social Audit found low levels of knowledge about the BOS scheme, a lack of popular participation and transparency in the BOS allocation process, and limited improvements in student learning environments as a result of the BOS. The social audit also identified school record discrepancies that had resulted in inaccurate fund transfers. Although the course cycle has ended, PI has implemented additional budget courses and has now transformed the course into a school to encourage greater citizen engagement and sustainability.

Use of Information Communication Technology



CRC: 400 households

Social Audit: 21 primary schools

Target Population


Results Methodology

Final workshop to evaluate participant awareness of budget processes in the district, evaluation surveys, and informal interviews conducted by project team

Indicators Used

  • A diverse group of local youth demonstrates the ability to conduct budget analysis
  • Consolidation of youth and the local CSO groups (MAPAG) working toward enhancing the political budget movement
  • Youth successfully implement and demonstrate the ability to conduct evidence-based budget advocacy

*Additional, specific indicators for the evaluation of the budget course are attached as a resource

Reported Results

  • Increased youth participation and involvement under MAPAG in the local budget allocation for education in Garut District
  • Increased engagement and openess by local governments 
  • ​Increased representation from parents in participating school committees
  • A provincial-level follow-up activity was initiated by local government to conduct an inspection in the schools to verify how BOS fees were utilized
  • The particpating Education Agency at the sub-district level (UPPDU) was invited to conduct an additional CRC and Social Audit in Garut district
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