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Bandung Institute of Governance Studies (BIGS)

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Basic Project Information

BIGS had typical citizens secretly record their experiences with frontline service providers in an effort to document quality and reduce corruption in basic services.

Methodology / Approach

Tool Types

Project Summary


  • Promote government free of corruption, collusion, and nepotisim
  • ​Improve the quality of public services through increased bureaucratic capacity and accountability


BIGS designed and implemented a “mystery shopper” project to assess the quality of public services in Indonesia as part of USAID’s Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program. The methodology, adapted from private sector quality control techniques, involved typical citizens secretly recording their experiences with four frontline service providers: the one-stop service agency, the sub-district office, the land agency, and the immigration office. BIGS then presented the undercover “shoppers’” findings to the service providers and other public officials. The program was a one-time pilot effort with the aim of developing a tool that could be applied in multiple service contexts, and ultimately institutionalized within public sector performance management processes. 

Use of Information Communication Technology



4 government offices in each of 4 cities 

Target Population

Users of each of the studied services

Results Methodology

Self-reported results

Indicators Used

Not applicable 

Reported Results

  • Service providers agreed to take action to address issues identified in mystery shopper visits
  • Agreement of some service providers to adopt the mystery shopper methodology 
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