Enhancing Accountability and Performance of Social Service Contracts in Uganda


Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC)

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Basic Project Information

AFIC is working with government agencies to improve and support the use of tools for monitoring public procurement in health and education, and creating coalitions among key stakeholders to monitor a particular agriculture program.

Tool Types

Project Summary


Enhance transparency and accountability of public contracting in the agriculture, education, and health sectors

  • Promote participation, monitoring, and feedback on agricultural advisory and extension services and distribution of goods
  • Establish a network of health and education community monitors equipped with the necessary tools and skills for transparency and accountability
  • Strengthen Uganda Contracts Monitoring Coalition’s technical and institutional capabilities
  • Document and share project tools, methodologies, experiences, and lessons about contract disclosure and monitoring


AFIC is monitoring contracts in health, education, and agriculture programs using two different strategies. The first strategy involves improving and supporting the use of tools for monitoring public procurement in health and education. AFIC is developing manuals and computer systems to monitor contracts, while also working to improve the government’s existing tools for contract monitoring, including the website Askyourgov.ug. The project also trains community monitors to monitor public contracts, supports their engagement with government officials, and promotes media and advocacy campaigns using monitoring results.

The second strategy involves creating coalitions among key stakeholders to monitor a particular agriculture program. AFIC is working with faith-based leaders, women, and youth to participate in and monitor the implementation of the Agricultural Technology and Agribusiness Advisory Services (ATAAS) program; ATAAS, funded by the World Bank, seeks to increase agricultural productivity and commercialization through agricultural technology and advisory services. In order to support the community’s efforts, the project also includes conducting a baseline assessment of the program, developing tools for contract and service delivery monitoring, training on those tools, and joint community-government monitoring of the ATAAS. The community will then use information produced in the course of monitoring the program to advocate for better governance.

Use of Information Communication Technology

AFIC is supporting improvements to the askyourgov.ug government website and developing a system to upload and analyze contract monitoring data.


2,537,100 people living in 5 districts across 2 regions

Target Population

Agriculture: local communities, specifically faith-based leaders, women and youth; Health and education: community monitors

Results Methodology

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Indicators Used

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Reported Results

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