Collective Voice against Corruption


Coalition for Integrity and Social Accountability (CISA)

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Basic Project Information

CISA held village-level community forums to raise citizen awareness of the importance of transparency and accountability, and to provide them an opportunity to address questions regarding government services to providers and local government officials.

Project Summary


  • Raise community awareness of the importance of transparency and social accountability
  • Facilitate dialogue between community members and service providers
  • Enhance citizen voice in reforming public services


CISA aimed to help community members promote greater transparency and accountability following the 2010 passage of national anti-corruption legislation by holding public forums to help citizens voice concerns about public services directly to service providers and local officials. The public forums built on existing dialogue between citizens and public officials, including regular meetings between youth group members and local commune council members. Public sector participants included representatives from key health care and education services, as well as the heads of the local commune councils. A key aim of the forums was to provide a space for community members to become comfortable raising service provision problems directly to providers and local officials. Facilitators from CISA also prompted participants to take advantage of a public complaints handling mechanism that its youth network operated in order to raise problems with public services. 

Use of Information Communication Technology



More than 50 people attended the public forums in each of 6 communities located in 3 different provinces in Cambodia. 

Target Population

Local community members


No formal evaluation conducted

Results Methodology

Self-reported results

Indicators Used

Not applicable

Reported Results

  • Improved local official and service provider knowledge and understanding of transparency, social accountability, and good governance principles
  • Greater government openness, responsiveness, and commitment to deliver quality services without illegal fees
  • Greater transparency regarding the fees for different public services
  • Increased public willingness to raise complaints and service delivery problems directly to public officials
  • The complaints handling mechanism has received less than 10 complaints, however, and its purpose is not well-understood
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